Public Private Partnership

Master Plan Delhi 2021, the pivotal pedestal and precursor of new urban development policy of India is largely driven and is based upon Public Private Partnership to develop five Smart Cities around Delhi is largely based upon reform in land acquisition policy of the government also known to be as a new Land Pooling Policy.

Contrary to earlier models of urban housing in Delhi when DDA was the sole authority to do all planning and construction, the new housing development will take place in Delhi on the basis of the New Land Pooling policy, where DDA will only be a facilitator and caretaker and rest of the development activities would be carried out by Cooperative Group Housing Society (CGHS) and Private builders. This could also be en be termed as Public-Private Partnership in Delhi for housing unit development in different Zone lying under MPD 2021.

The Public Private Partnership plan in L, K1 and other zones of locations at outer areas of Delhi under new Land Pooling Policy is subjected on the context that the land from farmers now on would be acquired by private builders and cooperative societies to carry out the housing development. The land acquired thus by societies in this manner would be returned to DDA for about six months. The planning authority thus returns a proportionate portion for housing development and retains the remaining part with itself for external development as road, hospital and other civic amenities. The land development ratio at present is 60:40.